Shenzhen: there is a new Transportation Service in town and it’s UBER-cool.

Recently I was invited to a Barhopping event organized by Thibaut Desmons, here in Shenzhen. The plan red something like:

Meet at Xpats, proceed to Hawa and get down at Evening Show. The offer further claimed, that everybody will be driven to each location by his personal driver. Oh and did I mention one free drinks at every location? All of that for 50 RMB, very fair if you ask me. Was there a down side ? Well, to get the personal driver we had to sign up at UBER, an App that connects you with a driver at the tap of a button.

And serious it is that simple and cool as well. The only problem, that frightened me at first, was that I had to sign up with my credit card. After talking to friends who used the service before, I lost my doubts.

I took my first ride the same day, and man it was super pleasant. I fired up the App, set the location pin to where I was and 10 minutes later the driver arrived. Screenshot_2014-01-23-20-23-45Professional, neatly dressed he opened us the door to the nice, black Audi A6L and once we were in, everybody received a complimentary water. And actually since this was a  barhopping night, water was indeed a well drink Smile The cool thing inside the car is the complimentary multi charger everybody started fighting for since we wanted to try it out and it does charge an android phone and an iPad at the same time. WIN!

What else is there to say, I used the service 5 times already and it is not much more expensive than a taxi ride. Actually recently UBER even lowered its base fair and not its 17 RMB. A drive from Futian CoCo Park to the infamous Huaqiangbei Market actually lies around 50RMB and from Huaqianbei back to Shekou Walmart its 100 RMB. that is unbeatable if u consider you canget your private right within minutes including water,  chewing gum and a charge for your depleted phone. Try it out today and get 20$ of on your first ride with my coupon code and check for UBER in a city near you on their website:


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