That’s me

That's me

Since this is my first post and I wanna spare the world that “Hello World” crap, I’ll rather take the chance to introduce myself:
My name is Patrick I am a Berlin based graduate looking to get my foot into China. I was born and raised in Berlin and studied in the subjects of Chinese Studies and Business Administration. I luckily had a chance to visit the Potsdam based School of Design Thinking, which in retro perspective changed my views and ways for the better. Over the years I developed a strong interest in Entrepreneurship and hardware focused businesses. After all I prefer to hold the fruits of my hard work in my own hands by the end of the day. I am a sports addict interested in weight lifting, martial arts, rock climbing, yoga and everything in between. Since “sitting turns out to be the smoking of our generation” I embrace every single second I can spend moving around. That said I am not looking to live the average 9-5 office job life but rather have changing projects in changing environments and thus meet new people every time.
Guess that’s about it, …oh hey you can follow me on Twitter @PatEffect, once I set up camp in China I promise to be more active. Cheers y’all.